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The Five Lords in Thailand



The Five Lords in Thailand

The Five Lords in Thailand

The influence of the Five Lords has spread far beyond Taiwan’s shores. Mr. Cheng Ching-yao, a Cantonese-Chinese living in Thailand thankful for blessings wrought by the Five Lords, commissioned Nankunshen artisans to carve gilt idols of the five in the fall of 1976. Mr. Cheng arrived in Taiwan in early November at the head of a large group of worshippers. After seven days, they and the idols were escorted to the airport by many leading members of Taiwan’s political and business communities. Arriving that evening in Thailand, the group passed without inspection through Customs – a rarity in Thailand, which was then still under military rule. Arrangements were then made for several dozen Thai military police to escort the idols to their new home at the Cheng residence. The power of the Five Lords was manifest. The staid Siam Daitian Temple was dedicated in 1988 on 4.24 hectares in Bangpoo (next to the old city) in Samut Prakan Province. The temple, built in traditional Chinese palace style, has since become a center of worship for overseas Chinese. The Bangpoo temple organizes an annual pilgrimage to Nankunshen every year in April.

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